Professional recording studio Fashion Studio

Music production

  • musical instruments recording and editing
  • vocals recording and editing
  • speaker recording
  • music production
  • music composition
  • arrangement
  • mixing and mastering

TV post-production

  • advertising sound post-production
  • corporative, documentaries and TV media sound post-production
  • narrative voice, voice-overs and multi voice-overs synchronization, editing and mixing
  • music composition: production music, jingles, open sequences etc.
  • music and sound post-production for TV and radio, sound and music score, sound foley

Sound production

radio adds production:

  • two optional screenplays,
  • speaker recording,
  • music edition with production music from biggest libraries (Warner Br Music. , UNIPPM, , KPM, Extrememusic, X-Ray Dog etc.)
  • mixing and mastering
  • audio noise reduction
  • DDP2 image format disk preparation

Realizacja Dźwięku Studio facilities

  • liveroom 18m2
  • „speaker room” 4m2
  • studio 36m2
  • analog console STUDER 980 (40channels)
  •  AD/DA converter RedNet 2 16 in/out
  • rider dynamic and condenser microphones,
  • analog compressors and gates,
  • modulation and reverb processors,
  • DAW for MacOS Mac Pro (Logic Pro X, Cubase 7.5, ProTools 10/11, Reaper)
  • Plug-ins: FabFilter, Slate Digital, Native Instrument, Waves etc,
  • there is option of providing backline or other special studio units and equipment

Price for using from studio for 1 hour : 45pln per hour (netto)
Price for mixing engineer services: 75pln per hour (netto)