Sound Engineering

Undergraduate program: Sound Engineering – Journalism

The faculty was found basing on interschool agreement. The main goal of the school is to provide qualified workshops for students to be able to work in record studios, radio, TV, press, media, live event support etc. It also provides studies in managment and journalism.


Sound engineering – journalism is an undergraduate program. Noon school is based on cooperation with WSTH in the city of Podkowa Lesna. All classes are held in Warsaw, headquarters on Mangalia street 4.

R1 – 3-year bachelor: noon school, evening school, weekend school

Even during the studying best students are invited for jobs to biggest PA system companies in Poland.

while studying process we are paying attention mostly to practice. That is not about lessons of theory , that is about 500 hours of workshops during the academy year. Here in our Academy is located professional radio station – 3 emission studios, post-production and editing workplaces, reporter equipment etc. We also organize classes in our private professiona record studios, studios A, B and C. All rooms are built from the ground up, specially developed using acoustic measuring for adaptation.  Studio A is equiped with analog mixer Studer 980 – 40 channels, AD/DA converter RedNet 2, top external compressors, the most known and most used condenser and dynamic microphones, hardware and software commonly used by record producers and mixer engineers all over the world, audio monitors EVE Audio SC307, Yamaha NS10 mkII. Studio B is avilable both for classes and for our student’s private projects (for free). It is also worth mentioning the “scene equipment”‘s lessons classroom, equiped with 19 analog and digital mixers.

Where you will find the job afterwards:

As a sound engineer:

  • on a radio
  • in theater,
  • small PA systems companies
  • clubs, culture centers
  • record studios
  • on a TV as record misxer and sound engineer
  • in post-production for TV, movies, advertising agencies
  • in big PA systems companies as an engineer
  • with music bands as a scene engineer, FOH engineer, record producer and mixer engineer

We will not tell you stories how good it was once (though it was really fascinating…..), but will get you infront of DAW (reaper, logic, cubase) and the latest release digital console, where you’ll get live recorded multitrack from the latest concert of well known Polish artist to be mixed. We’ll get you to the concert to be in touch with the entire process of live event support installation, starting from pacaging in a warehouse and finishing the artist performs. Our teachers will also take you to the backstage of the most popular TV shows on state television.

Don’t let yourself be involved in few-days, few-weeks or even few-months courses. Non of them will give you education! Narrow specialized courses are aimed to expand youe knowledges and skills in some exact field of studying, in this case it is sincerely recommended and welcome.

Schedule - 2018-2021

Program subjects:
Sound in films – theory – noon school
Sound in films – practice – noon school
Sound in television – theory
Sound in television – practice
Electroacoustics – theory
Voice emission – noon school
Emission sound mixing (radio) – practice
Informatics – theory
Musical instruments – microphone placement – new subject!
Pitch shaping – noon school
Sound editing – practice
Electronics – theory, practice
Music theory – theory
Music production – theory – Tomasz Wróblewski EiS
Virtual instruments – theory – Tomasz Wróblewski EiS
Radio production – theory
Radio production- practice
Production sound mixing – ENG
Studio facilities (record studio) – practice
Synchronous sound editing – practice
DAW systems – theory
DAW systems – practice
Scene facilities – theory
Scene facilities – practice
Studio facilities – theory
Guitar classes – practice
Percussions classes – practice
Vocal classes – practice
Math – noon school
Physics – noon school
Electrical measurements – workshops -noon school
Signal convertion  – noon school
Microphones techniques – noon school
Optics and phototronics -noon school
Detectors and sencers – noon school
Optomechatronics – noon school
Mechanics and materials – noon school
General content of studied subjects in journalism:
•    journalist’s genres in TV and radio practice
•    radio and TV redaction
•    new medias
•    public opinion forming
•    information and publicistic journalism
•    press rights, author rights, personal rights
•    researcher’s work
•    culture and grammar of polish
•    functional styles and means in media: form to contest relation in reportage
•    language of reportage
•    voice emission and diction
•    radio facilities
•    sound recording, reporters’ equipment
•    sound editing, video editing
•    television facilities
•    camera work
•    prompter work

(Polski) Harmonogram studiów zaocznych 2018 - 2021


Harmonogram studiów zaocznych
06.10.2018 r.-07.10.2018 r.
20.10.2018 r.-21.10.2018 r.
03.11.2018 r.-04.11.2018 r.
17.11.2018 r.-18.11.2018 r.
01.12.2018 r.-02.12.2018 r.
15.12.2018 r.-16.12.2018 r.
12.01.2019 r.-13.01.2019 r.
26.01.2019 r.-27.01.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
09.02.2019 r.-10.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
23.02.2019 r.-24.02.2019 r.
09.03.2019 r.-10.03.2019 r.
23.03.2019 r.-24.03.2019 r.
06.04.2019 r.-07.04.2019 r.
27.04.2019 r.-28.04.2019 r.
11.05.2019 r.-12.05.2019 r.
25.05.2019 r.-26.05.2019 r.
08.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
15.06.2019 r.-16.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
Harmonogram studiów zaocznych
29.09.2018 r.-30.09.2018 r.
13.10.2018 r.-14.10.2018 r.
27.10.2018 r.-28.10.2018 r.
10.11.2018 r.
24.11.2018 r.-25.11.2018 r.
08.12.2018 r.-09.12.2018 r.
05.01.2018 r.
19.01.2019 r.-20.01.2019 r.
02.02.2019 r.-03.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
16.02.2019 r.-17.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
02.03.2019 r.-03.03.2019 r.
16.03.2019 r.-17.03.2019 r.
30.03.2019 r.-31.03.2019 r.
13.04.2019 r.-14.04.2019 r.
04.05.2019 r.-05.05.2019 r.
18.05.2019 r.-19.05.2019 r.
01.06.2019 r.-02.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
22.06.2019 r.-23.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
Harmonogram studiów wieczorowych
01.10.2018 r.-05.10.2018 r.
15.10.2018 r.-19.10.2018 r.
29.10.2018 r.-31.10.2018 r.
12.11.2018 r.-16.11.2018 r.
26.11.2018 r.-30.11.2018 r.
10.12.2018 r.-14.12.2018 r.
07.01.2019 r.-11.01.2019 r.
21.01.2019 r.-25.01.2019 r.
04.02.2019 r.-08.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
18.02.2019 r.-22.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
04.03.2019 r.-08.03.2019 r.
18.03.2019 r.-22.03.2019 r.
01.04.2019 r.-05.04.2019 r.
15.04.2019 r.-18.04.2019 r.
06.05.2019 r.-10.05.2019 r.
20.05.2019 r.-24.05.2019 r.
03.06.2019 r.-07.06.2019 r.
17.06.2019 r.-19.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
Harmonogram studiów wieczorowych
24.09.2018 r.-28.09.2018 r.
08.10.2018 r.-12.10.2018 r.
22.10.2018 r.-26.10.2018 r.
05.11.2018 r.-09.11.2018 r.
19.11.2018 r.-23.11.2018 r.
03.12.2018r.- 07.12.2018 r.
17.12.2018 r.-21.12.2018 r.
02.01.2019 r.-04.01.2019 r.
14.01.2019 r.-18.01.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
28.01.2019 r.-01.02.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
11.02.2019 r.-15.02.2019 r.
25.02.2019 r.-01.03.2019 r.
11.03.2019 r.-15.03.2019 r.
25.03.2019 r.-29.03.2019 r.
08.04.2019 r.-12.04.2019 r.
13.05.2019 r.-17.05.2019 r.
27.05.2019 r.-31.05.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
10.06.2019 r.-14.06.2019 r. sesja egzaminacyjna
Harmonogram studiów dziennych
01.10.2018 początek semestru letniego
21.12.2018 początek wakacji zimowych
04.01.2019 ostatni dzień wakacji zimowych
25.01.2019 ostatni dzień semestru zimowego
28.01.2019 początek zimowej sesji egzaminacyjnej
08.02.2019 ostatni dzień zimowej sesji egzaminacyjnej
22.02.2019 ostatni dzień okresu rejestracyjnego
25.02.2019 początek zajęć semestru letniego
07.06.2019 ostatni dzień semestru letniego
10.06.2019 początek letniej sesji egzaminacyjnej
21.06.2019 ostatni dzień zimowej sesji egzaminacyjnej
22.09.2019 koniec okresu rozliczeniowego