Tomasz Wroblewski

Tomasz Wróblewski is the head and a chief editor of the monthly periodical Estrada i Studio and Estrada i Studio Plus. Moreover, he supervises such magazines like Gitarzysta, Perkusista and Live Sound & Installation. He is also a founder of web-blog and an author of dozens of articles about music production and studio recording. In the late 1980s a band-leader, vocalist and bassist of “Stały Fragment Gry” music band. As a professional in electrical engineering, he witnessed the development of plenty of pro-audio devices. This guy has vast experience working as a FOH sound engineer in the early ’80s.


Slawek "Guadky" Gladyszewski

“Moves air” – produces SPL.

Collaboration: Natalia Kukulska, Andrzej Piaseczny, Anita Lipnicka, John Porter, Pectus, Wanda i Banda, In-Grid, September, Velvet, Romuald Lipko. Formerly: Voo Voo, Kasia Kowalska, Edyta Górniak, Monika Brodka

Boleslaw Scholl

Behind him many years of experience while working at almost any position of live performance reinforcement, practicing in PA since childhood. Developed his skills during long-time cooperation with world-famous sound, audio and mixing engineers and due to plenty of international conferences all over the Europe and the world. As a result he founded his own PA company “NON“.  Cooperated with a lot of  well-known artists, among those are   F.Chopin ZPSM  in Warsaw, “Scena Współczesna” theater, “Stara Prochoffnia” theater, “Polonia” theater, “Studio Buffo” theater, “Guliwer” puppet theater, “Dramatyczny” theater, clubs: “Akwarium”, “Dramatyczny Jazzgot”, “Tygmont”, “Enklawa”, “Pasta Cafe”, “Balsam”, “Stodoła”, “Hard Rock Cafe” and festivals: “Zawirowania”,”Warszawskie Spotkania Teatralne”, ”Ciało i Umysł”, etc.

Took part in live event support at Congress Hall, S4, KCK, CSW. For many years provides sound technologies courses all over the Poland. He also provides consultings during new theaters, operas and concert halls construction designing (“Prochoffnia” theater, “Polonia” theater, “Topfloor” club, “Jezioro Łabędzie” club,”TheFresh” club, “Karmel” club  etc.)

Mciej Znamierowski

Record studio and PA  sound engineer, behind whom more than 30 years of concert experience. He’s been main mixer engineer of People Choir Festival in Kazimierz Dolny for 20 years. Cooperate with Gardzienice theater…

Oscar "Decibel" Tarczynski

Current concert-lice sound and mixing engineer. These days is collaborating with Sylwia Grzeszczak, Ich Troje, Giganci Gitary – music band, formed by outstanding musicians Jacek Krolik (Grzegorz Turnau, Brathanki etc.). He also works with Ryszard Sygitowicz (Perfect), Mietek Jurecki (Budka Suflera), Srubki with participation of Grzegorz Turnau, Zbigniew Wodecki, Kuba Badach, Krolik.

(Polski) Wojciech (Polski) Szałek

(Polski) Realizator dźwięku z dwudziestoletnim stażem pracy w telewizji.
Współtwórca realityshow , seriali telewizyjnych , programów publicystycznych, dokumentów oraz wielu programów realizowanych na żywo. Pracę rozpoczynał w jednej z pierwszych w Polsce telewizji prywatnych Telewizji Dolnośląskiej.

Wszyscy nasi wykładowcy to wyłącznie czynni zawodowo realizatorzy dźwięku z kilkunastoletnim doświadczeniem w pracy,  na co dzień pracujący w ogólnopolskich stacjach telewizyjnych przy największych produkcjach rozrywkowych i publicystycznych w Polsce. To  także akustycy z ponad 25 letnim doświadczeniem, przy realizacji koncertów (wszystkich liczących się na rynku polskich zespołów i gwiazd), realizatorzy dźwięku z ponad setką zrealizowanych płyt w studiu  polskich i zagranicznych artystów.

Dominik Adamus

A Graduate Of The Warsaw University Of Technology. His main field of activity – new technologies and applied electronics. Stood at the origins of our Academy. Since 2014 is Academ’s vicedirector.

Pawel Taczala

Radio sound engineer with ten years of experience, fluently uses all existing on a market programmes DAW, creates music, using non-standard non-classical instruments and the room acoustics.

D-r Jacek Zurawski

A graduate of the Department of Law and Administration of Warsaw University, also post-Graduate practice of Copyright Law, Publishing Law at the Jagiellonian University. Doctor of Humanities in the field of contemporary history. Associate Professor in the Public Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (the Institution of journalism and public communications)

From 2016 the Dean of Department of Humanities SAN. Lecturer at the University SWPS (classes of the protection of intellectual property rights, advertising law, medial law). Coach of Television Academy TVP S. A. Author of “the Rights of the medial – rulebook” – Warsaw 1997 (second edition – 2002) and also  “against Media campaigns, a collection of rules and alerts” – Warsaw 2005 (electronic publishing) as well numerous articles and monographs on aspects of media law and modern history.

In addition he has published more than 100 scientific and popular articles on the topic of copyright and publishing rights,  rights of radiophony and television advertising. (“TV news”, “the Radio Leader”, “public Vision”, “European Notebook”, “Notebook TV”, “Talk of the Century”).

Since 1994 works in the Agency’s Corporate Affairs of the Polish Television.

Artur Zaremba

Radio and television sound engineer with years of experience.

In 1986-1990 was the sound engineer at
ORS “Radio Center”, chief of the division of TNL TV equipment, co-founder and technical Director of Radio Plus in Lublin, co-founder, technical Director, vicedirector of the Board of Radiostation Record FM, Director of Studio Hendrix – radio Lublin S. A.
Advisor for technical issues of radio Lublin. From 2001 to the present day is the sound engineer at TVN S. A. Since 1994 founder and owner of recording Studio “Studio Fashion”, where were created more than 3500 radio ads and music radio programs. The owner of the Internet-radio ” Radio Polska Live! that has been in force since 2005, 

The President of the Board of Auxilium – Foundation for Social Education, co-founder of the Academy of Journalism and Sound Engineering

Programy, które realizowaliśmy i realizujemy dla telewizji
Braliśmy udział w realizacji koncertów, sceny muzyki jazzowej oraz kabaretów